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Shahin Novrasli - Emanation (lossless, 2017)

World  Fusion  Jazz
Fecha: 10 septiembre 2017
Añadido: StasOn11
Visualizaciones: 1169
  • ARTISTA: Shahin Novrasli
  • ÁLBUM / TÍTULO: Emanation
  • PAÍS: Azerbaijan
  • ESTILO: World Fusion, Contemporary Jazz
  • ETIQUETA: Jazz Village - JV 570141
  • DURACIÓN: 00:58:37
  • FORMATO: FLAC, (tracks + .cue)
  • CALIDAD: Lossless

  • PUNTUACIÓN: 10 / 2    
  • VOTAR:


Descripción del álbum

01. Emanation 04:24
02. Song of Ashug 04:48
03. Saga 08:39
04. Jungle 05:30
05. Misri Blues 03:58
06. Ancient Parallel 08:52
07. Tittle Tattle 05:20
08. Yellow Nightingale 07:04
09. Land 09:59

Источник (релизер): dtromp
Shahin Novrasli
Pianist and composer Shahin Novrasli has had the occasion to play some of the most notorious stages in the world, such as London’s Royal Festival Hall, the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Black Sea Jazz Festival, Prague’s Mezinarodni Piano Festival and numerous clubs and festivals throughout the United States. Growing up in Azerbaijan, Shahin’s rare talent emerged from his country’s various compositional influences as well as its unusual and rich musical heritage.

At the age of five, he began his classical studies at Baku’s notorious Bulbul Music School and then at the Hajibeyoy Academy of Music. At only eleven years old, he performed with the local Symphony Orchestra at the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall and at eighteen, Shahin played Rachmaninoff’s infamous and arduous “Piano Concerto N°2″ before an ecstatic audience.

Elegantly blending his classical knowledge, Azerbaijan’s traditional folk “Mugham” and his jazz influences, Shahin created his own unique and accomplished musical universe, where he combines eastern and western cultures. A gentle wave of exotic melodies, powerful and sharp harmonies, capricious eastern rhythms struck by an American Jazz lightning, majestic and vigorous. With a solo project, a trio with Ari Hoenig and Nathan Peck, countless collaborations with notably Kenny Wheeler, Iain Ballamy and Tim Garland, to name a few, Shahin is today an icon for Azerbaijan Jazz and has received enthusiastic comments from worldwide critics and audiences.

A beautiful journey from the East to the West: The pianist and composer Shahin Novrasli is an icon of Azerbaijani jazz who has already performed un the most prestigious festivals in the world. At forty years young, he takes his inspiration as much from the Caucasus as from European classical music and jazz beats to forge an elegant and thorough musical universe. Master Ahmad Jamal, who sponsors him and introduced him at the famous festival Jazz in Marciac last summer, got it right.

Paris was waiting for this amazing pianist, here he is with a new album to be released in April 2017, titled “Emanation”. Powerful and exotic harmonies, traditional “Mugham” folk, and American jazz are to be expected during this one-of-a-kind evening at the corner of East and West, accompanied by extraordinary partners such as James Kammack, who plays the double bass for Ahmad Jamal, and drummer André Ceccarelly.

Shahin Novrasli, piano
James Cammack, double bass
André Ceccarelli, drums
Erekle Koiava, percussion
Special Guest:
Didier Lockwood, violin


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